Technical parameter
Table surface dimension (LXW): 1960x860mm
Rise & fall range: 600-900mm
Leg board rise & fall range:
0mm/rise, 90mm/fall(from horizon)
Weight of equipment: 150kg
Maximal load: 150kg (all the table)
Back board adjusting angle: -10°- 60°
Seat board adjusting angle: 0°-20°
Entire table load-beading: 150kgs


Product Details

Multifunction Obstetric Table Model SC
Main function and feature:
It has four electric machineries and it is a four-function table with sit style parturition, horizontal type parturition, operation and examination.
The whole rise fall, backboard folded , seatboard folded, leg board disappearing end bumper are all electric control.

The angle can be optioned within modulation and which can help the puerpera parturition propitious.


The leg board can be disassembled into instrument table.

The Filth basin can be moved or hanged for convenient operation.


Special function:

The seat board is controlled by single electric machinery which can only uplift buttocks and it is adjustable between 0-20°

The side rails are of novel-design and have three positions. The siderails can be pulled up, put in horizontal, and pressed down.

The interlocking function of the back board and leg board makes postural adjustment more convenient.

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