Multifunctional Obstetric Table Model SC-III

Product Details

Multifunctional Obstetric Table Model SC-III(LDR)


This multifunctional table is available for obstetric, producing babies, recover, examinations and operations

Main Function:

Four sets motors for the table, each to the lifting of whole table, the adjustment of backboard, the angle adjustment of seatboard, and the lifting of legrest.

It can set four positions: horizontal, sitting, side, squat type, to meet many different demands of mothers;

There are clear and easy operating Touch type buttons on both inside and outside of side rail; it’s auto locked, to avoid mistake operating;

The legrest is adjustable and easy to operate, which extremely reduces the nursing intensity

There are two assistance desks (large and small), which help the work of operating and producing.

With CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation function (the backboard can life down and backward quickly to make this function)

The bed made from the blow molding and mold forming process, with the features of anti-corrosion, deodorant, easy to clean and so on;

Memory form mattress is extremely soft and strong elasticity; Optional colors are available for mattress.

Night light offers bed and floor lighting;

Uninterruptible power supply system to ensure the normal use of emergency situations

The whole table is simple to operate; and the central braking and steering system makes the table more stable, mobile and portable.

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